Council Fires

Here's a selection of some of the games that should be at Council Fires 2001.  If you want to run a game yourself, please let Vidal or Tony know.  Don't be shy - let the world admire your beautifully painted figures and terrain.

Darkest Africa
Yes...another installment in the enormously popular Bungiwalliland colonial saga is expected to be unveiled.  Be sure to check out the pictures of last year's game.

Picts & Romans
On the chilly, foggy northern border of the Roman Empire, the Picts are eager to heat things up.  In 25mm, using the popular Warhammer Ancient Battles rules.

Franco-Prussian War
Teutonic planning versus Gallic élan.  Using the "Les Kepis Rouge" rules, in 15mm.

Carthage and Rome
Eager to avenge the humiliation of the First Punic War, Hannibal confronts the might of Rome.  25mm.

More to Come Shortly...