Antigonid Figures

Antigonid Army

Mostly 15mm Freikorps (Great range!  They're all assorted castings within each code).  The peltasts to the far right of the picture and the pantodapoi to the immediate right of the elephant are Gladiator and Xth Legion.  (Another excellent Hellenistic range.  Wonderfully sculpted and again, multiposed.  Xth Legion are highly recommended).

The Elephant deserves a special mention; it's Freikorps and it is really elephant-sized.  Unfortunately it doesn't fit together well.  I simply used two part epoxy putty to glue it together and to fill the (admittedly large) gaps.  You can sculpt the putty so that nobody will ever know the trouble you had to go to.  The epoxy putty is the same material that the figure sculptors use to make their originals.  They prefer the technical term of "green stuff" though.

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