French Huguenot - 1588

    1588 French Huguenot - 1588


    Behind every successful army lies a...baggage train.  Wagon and all figures, human and animal alike are from 15mm Irregular.  Irregular's horses have always been a trifle skinny for my tastes, but for camp followers the equine malnourishment is appropriate.

    Miller charge

    Derisively nicknamed "Millers" for their flour white smocks they wore over their armour, these hard-charging cavalry were among the finest horsemen of their time.  Unlike the German mercenary reiters, the Millers disdained to caracole; they would discharge their pistols at the point of impact, then draw sword and push the attack home.

    The entire 15mm command stand to the right are from Minifigs - and are extremely difficult to fit four to a 40mm frontage stand as DBR requires.  It required some bent scabbards I'm afraid.  The next stand are, from right to left, Minifig, Tabletop, Essex and another Tabletop.  The Tabletop horses are unfortunately the size of steppe ponies.  The riders' legs nearly trail on the ground.  Nothing a few shims under the flocking couldn't fix though.  Given the centuries of breeding the Medieval warhorse, by this time (1588) horses should be huge to carry all those pounds of armour.  Like the Essex mounts.


    A skirmish line dismounts and emerges from the orchard.   The French Huguenots were among the first to use nags to mount their arquebusiers, occasionally mounting their entire foot contingent.  Horseholders by Irregular.  As already mentioned above, the scrawny horse sculpting is perfect for dragoons.  All arquebusiers are Essex, save for the gentleman on the far right; he's from Minifigs.

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