The Greatest Adventure on Earth!! - Pt 2

The Greatest Adventure on Earth! - Pt 2

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Zanzibaris!Yet more zanzibaris! A bit of a sticky wicket!  It would appear that the threat of the Chief Ubbo-Ubbu's pursuit had been forgotten in the heat of combat.  The Chief's bravest warriors, armed with firearms and bolstered by a few mercenary Zanzibari slavers that the Chief had hired, emerged from the rocky jungle directly behind the Europeans.  Natives to the front of them, natives behind them.  It must be admitted that the native players were enjoying this turn more than the European players.

Colonel Ripperton, spotting the musket armed He-He Poonans, began running for the cover of the jungle to the north of his position.  It seemed a prudent move at the time - the thick jungle vegetation should shield the party from musket volley harm.  Regrettably it did slow the progress of the party considerably.  And the natives from the village eagerly entered the jungle in front of Ripperton.  A move which did not bode well for the plucky explorers.

To the south, a long range volley from the Poonans also startled Reverend Beaton.  He too considered it prudent to enter the jungle foliage.  The Post Office Volunteer Rifles obeyed with alacrity.  It was at this juncture that the other group of natives, hiding behind their huts, chose to reveal themselves and also charged into the jungle towards the surprised Beaton and flock.  One rifleman discharged his weapon, managing to knock an African down.

Rifles advanceThe remainder of the Rifles bravely held their fire until the native warriors were only a few metres away.  At the last second they fired - releasing a thunderous volley.  However, as the echoes faded away, it was apparent that Post Office Rifles should have spent a trifle more time on the firing range.  Just like most letters and packages in Bungiwalliland, every shot went astray.  The completely unharmed natives, hampered only by a temporary deafness, fell upon the hapless party.  The Posties were most disgruntled, to say the least.

Although the Rifles fought hand-to-hand well enough, they were soon overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of natives and perished to a man.  However their brave stand was not for naught.  Whilst the natives were engaging the doomed Volunteers, the good Reverend and his daughter Miss Pauline ran for their very lives.

The northernmost party, led by Colonel Ripperton was also not without grave difficulties.  Deep in the dense jungle, visibility was limited.  So limited in fact, that the natives were able to engage them in hand to hand combat before the Europeans could fire even a single shot.  A confused melee ensued.  Ripperton, a sterling example of English chivalry, urged the civilians to run for the boats while the armed gentlemen stood their ground, preparing to sell their lives dearly.  Indeed - Ripperton, heeding his own advice, charged bravely into melee to attack not one, but two fierce natives.  Good show!

Colonel Ripperton Alligator Dundy, wounded and surrounded, surrendered to the tender mercies of the native villagers.  Ripperton, having defeated his two foes, took to his heels and make it safely to the steamer.  The Amazing Shootoni Badinni, bleeding profusely, was left for dead.

But as with the heroic Post Office Rifles, their blood was not spilt in vain.  Led by Barnum himself, the unarmed Europeans raced for the river, leaving the unnervingly high pitched screams of Badinni behind.  However the Italian, although severely wounded and left for dead by the rest of the party, managed to stumble unaided to the steamer, taking advantage of the time to required by the He-He-Poonas to reload their antique muskets.  Admittedly relations on the voyage home became somewhat strained between Mr. Badinni and those that had abandoned him.  Fortunately Barnum, Smearum and Ripperton were able to use the Captain of the Royal Sympoopa Mail steamer as a fourth in their whist games, so all was not lost.

The natives, the threat to their village vanquished, their numbers diminished and content with the capture of dinner Alligator Dundy, watch the remaining Europeans escape.  The He-He Poonas however, still have not erased the stain to their chief's honour.  They fire one last musket volley at the distant figures.

Their fury lends accuracy to their shots.  One ball strikes Smearum squarely in the back, killing him instantly.  Pausing only to press Smearum's thumb upon a blank, but soon to be legally binding Last Will and Testament, Solicitor Weep makes it to safety, as does his secretary.  Barnum had already boarded the riverboat, and thinking quickly, secured the largest stateroom for himself.river steamer

To the south, one lead shot traveled close enough to Pauline Beaton to startle her.  She fell, twisting an ankle.  But she is made of sterner stuff - Miss Pauline struggled to her feet, to resume hopping to safety.  One last musket ball is fired at her, missing only by inches.  Alas, it is too much even for her, and she swooned.  Hurling Biblical passages at her tormentors, her father hoisted her to his sturdy Scottish shoulders strengthened by years of Bible thumping, and made his way to the riverboat.

After a brief tally of victory points, it was determined that the Africans had indeed won this encounter.  Although the majority of the civilians escaped to safety, the fact that most of their firearmed escorts died or were captured did not help the European point total.  Still, it was a close run thing.  More importantly of course, a good time was had by all!

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