Being a Short Discourse on Miniature Wargaming
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As a hobby, historical miniature wargaming encompasses a number of other leisure pursuits.  To a greater or lesser degree, most of us involved in wargaming also need to conduct historical research, paint lead castings and enjoy a good game with the results of our labours.  For those of you unfamiliar with "miniature wargaming", might I direct you to an excellent article published in the Smithsonian Magazine on this very hobby.

Some gamers tend to specialize in a given period, which is understandable given the expense of this hobby!  Others seem to drift into a number of different periods, scales and rules.  I must admit to being in the latter category.  I find a wide range of historical topics fascinating - I just can't limit myself to one small era.

Inside you'll find all sorts of excitement.   Well, things I regard as interesting anyway.  Links to related topics, a collection of interesting historical anecdotes, photos of painted miniatures, some historical essays on a variety of wargaming armies, scans of various manufacturers' unpainted figures, assorted thoughts and variants on rules like Piquet, DBA and even some recounting of my past glories or catastrophes on the tabletop.

---Tony Stapells

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