Hypothetical Battles

    Darkest Africa.  Inspired by Mark Copplestone's "Darkest Africa" range, I recently purchased a few packs.  Because a) they looked superb, and b) I had the hankering to paint up some 28mm after a couple of years of exclusively 15mm gaming.  One thing led to another naturally.  Here are the results...(complete with scads of digital photos no less!)

    1809 Campaign: Napoleon invades Austria.  A series of completely fictitious battles using a simple linear campaign style.  I say "style" because we sure didn't use rules for this campaign.  We just created scenarios based on the previous battle.  For example; if the French got badly beaten in one encounter, the next battle might see an Austrian counterattack on a French held crossroads.   And if the French were defeated yet again, the next battle might be a desperate French rearguard action, while the Austrians continue to get constant reinforcements onto the table as their troops march to the sound of the guns.  No rules - just friendly guesswork.


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