Most of my wargaming figures are bought by mail order, which means that most purchases are sight unseen.  This has occasionally resulted in some disappointments.  Often the catalogue's description does not describe the figure adequately.  Yes, figure XX12 may indeed be a "Hoplite in linen armour", but is he standing?  Advancing?  Spear overhead?  Spear upright?  Does the shield have an apron?  Ad infinitum.

So I've been scanning in a variety of unpainted and uncleaned figures so that others may actually see what the figure looks like, flash and all, before receiving the package in the mail.  The pictures are organized according to historical period, not by manufacturer.  If the manufacturer's code contains multiple poses, I have shown all the different ones contained in the pack that I bought.  In cases of identical figures within the same code, I have tried to show both the front and the back of the figure.  The number of figures scanned does not reflect the number of castings contained in each pack.

The selection is a little limited right now, but as time goes on, and as I can borrow some of my friends' vast unpainted collections, I intend on adding more pictures.  A final note - I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form with any of the manufacturers.  Having said that, if you are a manufacturer, and want to send me samples to scan, by all means - please contact me!

Note that unless otherwise indicated, all figures are 15mm scale.


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