Just some random thoughts and reviews of the various rulesets I have stumbled across.  I'd like to point out that I've played all the rules I've written about here.  Naturally, there exists in my wargaming room an entire shelf of rules that have only been read, but sadly never played.  (Peter Pig's "AK-47 Republic" spring to mind here).  But I find there is a world of difference between just reading a set of rules and actually playing them.  So...without further ado -




Heretical Variants
Gabiene  315 BC.  A DBA Scenario.  The final showdown between two of Alexander's Successors, Antigonos vs Eumenes.
The Elephant Victory, 273 BC.  A DBA Scenario.  The Seleucid king Antiochios defeats the previously invincible Galatians.

Fire and Steel

Debauchery, Rum and Bloodletting - a Piratical Scenario for F&Snew!


Links to Related Websites

Napoleonic Warfare Society
A nice Australian site with more than just Napoleonics.  In fact they've compiled a great list of free downloadable rules available on the Internet.


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