A collection of some interesting links, mostly of a gaming nature.  This isn't an exhaustive list.  Links that specifically relate to the content of pages have been included with those pages and are not repeated here.


Chris Stapells My younger brother's GURPS (a role playing game) site.  Although he claims it's still not finished, what website ever is?  A professional website graphic artist friend just gave the site a makeover - looks incredible!  The city descriptions include some impressive 3D rendered shots which were created by Chris.  And despite his MS Word statement to the contrary, I use Notepad to code php, Java, perl, PHP, ASP and JavaScript.

Flying Pigment The homepage of Geoff Nurcombe, a prolific and professional miniature painter.   If you don't paint, try him out.  He's also got a big link list of websites.  Quite a fan of the DBA ruleset - go to his armies page to see the large number of DBA armies he has created, and which I'm privileged to use when I play DBA.

The Major GeneralMajor General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames Page  Yes, just about every website on colonial miniature wargaming has this listed as a link.  Well, they all should!  A really well-designed site with excellent content.  The Major General reminds us that the goal of the wargaming hobby is to have FUN and ENJOY oneself.

Source of Ancient Miniatures  A page showing a number of links to both manufacturers of ancient figures and independent reviews.  It's where I go shopping now.  Oh sorry - e-shopping to the trendy.

Flying Buffalo Inc.  Nothing to do with miniatures.   FBI is a Play By Mail company, perhaps the PBM company since they started the whole industry back in the '70s.   Yes, yet another way I waste my time and money.  (If you do sign up for a game...please mention me...I get game credits!)

SOA logoSociety of Ancients  A group dedicated to combining ancient history and wargaming.  They publish a great journal called the Slingshot, just jampacked full of interesting and informative articles.  I'm actually a member, and if you're interested in Ancients wargaming as I am, the SOA is well worth joining.  The website, run by Tony Barr, is deserving of a bookmark.  If you are in the market for some more Ancients figures (you can always use more lead!) you should check out the SOA figure scanning project.

Milton Keynes Wargames Society   A UK wargames club site.  Good comprehensive list of other UK and (more importantly to me) worldwide wargaming clubs.  Including Canada!

North Downs Warlords   Another attractive UK Club site containing, among other things, some very interesting articles on a variety of historical and wargaming topics, for a variety of periods.

White Metal  A delightfully eclectic webzine containing a number of intriguing articles on many different periods.  Rules, scenarios, and pictures.

Colonial Wargaming   Another entertaining and well-deservedly popular Colonial site.  There's a certain lighthearted spirit in Colonial wargaming that quite often seems lacking in other periods.  Bob Cordery gives some excellent reasons why Colonial gaming can be fun.

Free Kreigspiel  From the leading edge of conflict design comes rules and suggestions for Free Kreigspiel.  Some really clever ideas, and some great campaigns are found here.  If you're interested in playing something a little different than a tabletop meeting engagement again, go pay this site a visit.

Tabletop Tactics  A collection of interesting essays and some US convention information.  But Mark Diehl is also working on a most ambitious project - designing a wargame utilizing the full and unique advantages of the internet.  Most intriguing.

Prince August  This company produces a very nice line of molds that you can use to cast your very own lead figures for wargaming.  It's quite easy, and a bit of fun to not only paint your lead soldiers yourself, but actually cast them.  Much easier on your wallet as well.  Back when I had more free time than money, this was the route I took.

Northern LightNorthern Light  A rather nice search engine, currently possessing the largest database of websites of any of the search engines - roughly a whopping 17% at last count! (July 15, 1999).  Their spider has exquisitely discerning taste...type in "miniature wargaming" and observe who is highly ranked ;-).  Another excellent search engine is, of course, Altavista which has almost an extensive database.  Those are general search engines; for more specific wargaming searches, try using the British Wargames search engine below.  Please feel free to rate my site on there as well.

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