As a hobby, miniature wargaming encompasses a number of other leisure pursuits.  To a greater or lesser degree, most of us involved in wargaming also need to conduct historical research, paint lead castings and enjoy a good game with the results of our labours.

Personally, I enjoy all three aspects.  Including painting as a hobby in and of itself, not just as a means to an end.  That is, I don't rush my painting merely to get that new unit of Reiters on the table.  I try to do the best job I can on each figure.

While this slows down my production greatly, (apologies to all the manufacturers out there!) it comforts me to know that my figures look good on the table as well as pressed up to one's eyeball.  I'm not the best painter around, but hey - I try.

(Note - I've added a few photos to the armies below.  Just click on the army name to view them.  Those armies with an * also contain historical notes in addition to the pictures.)

DBA Armies

(What a surprise!  I'm a slow painter and I like DBA)

DBR Armies

  • 46.  French Catholic.
    • 3 x Ln(O) Gendarmes
    • 3 x Pi(O) Chevaux Leger
    • 4 x Pk(S) Royal Swiss Pike
    • 1 x Sh(I) Royal Swiss Arquebusiers
    • 1 x Pk(I) French Royal Foot
    • 2 x Sh(I) French Royal Foot
    • 2 x Sk(O) Enfant Perdu
    • 1 x Pi(I) German Reiters
    • 1 x Art(O) Artillery

  • 47.  Low Countries Spanish.
    • 1 x Ln(S) C in C
    • 3 x Ln(F) Caballero Ligeros
    • 6 x Pk(O) Tercio pike
    • 6 x Sh(I) Tercio arquebusiers
    • 4 x Sh(O) Tercio musket
    • 2 x Pi(O) Herreruelos
    • 2 x Pi(I) German Reiters
    • 1 x Art(S) Artillery

  • 48.  Dutch Rebellion.
    • 4 x Ln(F) Demilancers
    • 3 x Pi(I) German Reiters
    • 4 x Pk(O) Dutch pike
    • 4 x Sh(I) Dutch arquebusiers
    • 4 x SH(O) Dutch muskets
    • 1 x Pi(S) Huguenot Miller Volunteers
    • 1 x LH(I) Carabin
    • 1 x Art(S) Artillery

    Odds and Sods

    The little painted bits that don't really fit into any particular army, but were (at the time) an irresistible impulse convention buy.

    25mm Darkest Africa

    25mm Cutthroats!
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