Lysimachid Pictures

    Lysimachid Pictures


    The paranoid Lysimachos protects himself with two rather large bodyguards.   The leftmost overhand lancer is from 15mm Freikorps, the diminutive Lysimachos is a Xth Legion General on an Essex horse and the final Companion is also from Essex.  I used an Essex horse rather than the original Xth Legion horse because that pose was static and I preferred to display a charging horse for this command stand.   The Xth Legion figure is a true 15mm; the other two castings are a little large, but mix acceptably well.

    Considering the unpopularity Lysimachos was apt to generate among his subjects and army as an inside historical joke I did make sure that the two bodyguards were on the large, intimidating side.  Although the ancient literature seems to imply that Lysimachos himself was large and intimidating; one story has it that Lysimachos defeated a lion using only his bare hands.

    The left casting has a yellow helmet.  Some surviving contemporary colour paintings show yellow helmeted cavalrymen, which could be merely an artistic representation for bronze.  Then again, we know that some Hellenistic cavalry would paint their helmets red and some Hellenistic infantry wore blue helmets.  So I exercised a bit of historical flexibility.


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