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Famed American Entertainer P.T. Barnum has brought his renowned Circus up river to Sympoopa this week after a successful engagement on the Portugese island of Sebastian.  Not only is Barnum here to act as Ring Master under the Big Top but he will be searching for new acts and exhibits for his show.  Quoted earlier Barnum stated, "This place is already a circus.  I wish I could float the whole thing back to New York".

During an earlier performance this week, local monkeys found their way into the Ring while the high wire act was underway.  Initially the Amazing Badinni was angry at having been upstaged but after working with one of the larger males he has decided to replace his brother, Paco Badinni, with the monkey.  Paco has asked that if anyone requires the services of a trained acrobat he can be reached on the outskirts of town in the big Baobab tree where all the monkeys gather.

P.T. will travel up river later in the week to meet with Chief Ubbo-Ubbu of the western He-He Poona.  Barnum wishes to enlist an entire tribe for his new 'Darkest Africa' show.  When warned that the He-He Poona were known to practice cannibalism and certain other dark rituals Barnum simply replied, "Then they should fit into New York nicely."

Carrying the usual complement of trinkets and beads, Barnum's expedition will be guarded by Colonel Ripperton, now nicely healed from the numerous spear wounds obtained during his last command.  The Colonel will lead a detachment of the Bungwalli Station Post Office Rifles.

Also along will be solicitors from the local law firm, Smearum & Weep, who will represent the natives in the negotiations, as well as Reverend Beaton and his lovely daughter Pauline who will be searching for information pertaining to her fiancÚ, Lord Sir Harry Bottomly, lost adventurer and cultivator of the record breaking largest honeydew melon, exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair.

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