Council Fires 99 DBA Tournament

Council Fires 99 DBA Tournament

Indian ElephantAll pictures are thumbnails.  Click on them to view larger images and notes.

After entering a few DBA tournaments myself over the years, I had developed a few ideas of my own regarding tournament format.  So this year I volunteered to run the DBA Tournament at Council Fires 99.  I was greatly and kindly helped in this task by a couple of people, without whom I would have been unable hold the event.  Geoff Nurcombe, proprietor of Flying Pigment a professional painting service, loaned me the armies for use in the tournament. The grand prize of a Falcon Miniatures DBA army was generously donated by Michael Gustar, owner of Quartermaster.

Nubians and Egyptians I have always had an aversion to ahistorical matchups that tournaments tend to produce.  At Council Fires therefore all armies were provided to the players.  So players were able to use different armies for each round.  Not only did this mean that matchups were historical, but that each player was forced to use unfamiliar armies.  This, I felt, would be a greater test of skill for the tabletop generals, as well as allowing beginners a better chance at winning.

Somewhere along the Vistula The following matchups were created -

  • 83a (Medieval Hindu) vs 83b (Moslem Indian)
  • 136 (Early Imperialist) vs 149 (Later Polish)
  • 2 (Middle Kingdom Egyptian) vs 3 (Nubian)
  • 57 (Early German) vs 68 (Dacian)
  • 64 (Early Imperial Roman) vs 67 (Caledonian)

Generals engrossed in battle Points were awarded using Bob Beattie's method of scoring, which seemed to work quite well.  After the dust settled a winner emerged - Dan Damianoff!  Dan was new to the DBA system, but fought very well obviously and won all three rounds.  After claiming the prize of an Eastern Sudanese DBA army he was so enthused about DBA that he promptly bought the mate to it - the Western Sudanese.

I certainly enjoyed myself, and more importantly, I hope the players did as well!

Here's a picture of a WWI game that also ran at Council Fires.  Great job on the terrain!  View it and other pictures at the Official Council Fires website.

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