RayCon 2000

RayCon 2000

cottage Every year a group of wargamers are invited to Ray Martin's cottage on the shores of Lake Huron for an entire weekend of miniature wargaming.  No wives, no kids, no cell phones...just men and their dice.  It's invitational only, and although I think was invited last year, it was only this year I was able to attend.  And then for only one day.  Still, despite missing the Sunday WWII 20mm extravaganza, I greatly enjoyed myself.


On Friday evening we played a series of DBA battles for our ongoing 300 BC Western Mediterranean campaign.  The poor Syracusans received several drubbings, but stubbornly refused to surrender to the hated Romans.  Pyrrhos, having conquered Greece and Illyria, wandered north to Cisalpine Gaul, where he heavily defeated a large horde of Gauls, much to the delight of Rome.  The crafty Carthaginians and Cyrenicians continue to amass revenue, although some desultory skirmishing has begun taking place along their border.  View some photos of the battles below.


Clive in India

After breakfast, and some much needed caffeinated coffee (in a cabin full of some extremely loud snorers - did anybody sleep?) the theme of Saturday was Clive in India.  Using WRG's Horse and Musket rules and Mike Manning's collection of plastic 20mm figures, the day was set an interesting and colourful clash.  Some photos below chronicle the epic battle.


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